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5 Perks to Having a Friday Wedding at Dixon’s

At our stunning 100-acre wedding venue, we book wedding ceremonies Thursdays through Sundays throughout the year.

Most people choose Saturdays to host their weddings (70% of the population)! But we are here to tell you that there are several benefits to Friday weddings, such as cost, that might persuade you to book on a Friday. Check them out here:


  1. Cost. Are you planning your dream wedding but worried that you might not have the budget to cover all your exquisite costs? Friday weddings are for you! Friday weddings here at Dixon’s are just as beautiful as any day of the week, but to your advantage are less costly than Saturday weddings. Spending less on the venue, allows you to spend more in other areas of the wedding such as food, decorations, photographers, etc.


  1. Vendor Availability. Planning and scheduling vendors can be a nightmare when it comes to busy weekends. Because Fridays are a work day you’ll find more availability when booking hair appointments, catering companies, and entertainment. Less stress for the bride!


  1. Extended Family Stays. Having your wedding on a Friday allows your family and guests to make a weekend out of it. It provides your loved ones the opportunity to create even more memories catered around your wedding day. Also, it helps guests with travel arrangements and allowing them more time to leave at their leisure.


  1. Ease of Day-of Activities. Along with scheduling vendors the day of, Fridays give you more freedom when partaking in last minute arrangements. Less road traffic and shorter lines!


  1. Less Scheduling Conflicts. When picking a date to celebrate, it’s less likely that you will have to work around other scheduled events when choosing a Friday wedding. Especially during the wedding season when it seems everyone is packed every weekend for family reunions, sports tournaments, and other weddings! Celebrating your big day on a Friday will allow for less scheduling conflicts and everyone you love will get to attend!


Ready to schedule your Friday wedding at Dixons? Contact us today!


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