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Our Apples

Dixon's Apple Orchard Dixon's Apple Orchard

Apple Questions

Q. How long will apples last?

A. If your apples are kept in a cool, damp place, they will last several months. Champagne and Sparkling Burgundy apples keep best.

Q. Are these apples grown completely naturally?What form of pest control do you use?Is your farm certified organic? or do you just grow as cleanly as possible?

A. We are not certified organic. We do have to control the worm in the apple, etc. But, we are isolated, so do not need to spray as frequently as most orchards. We try to grow them as naturally as possible, and do. The water we irrigate with is spring fed, and we believe this is one of the reasons the apples have such a wonderful flavor. We do grow our apples as cleanly as possible, along with not sacrificing the quality of the fruit.

Cider Questions

Q. Can cider be frozen?

A. Absolutely! It’s wonderful frozen. Just empty enough cider out of the jug to leave an empty space down one or two inches from the top. This allows for expansion during freezing. When ready to drink, thaw it out completely and shake well. It still tastes fresh.

Q. What varieties of apples is the cider made of?

A. A blend of all four varieties of our apples.

Q. What is in the cider?

A. Apple juice – that’s it! There are no preservatives or additives, so it must be kept refrigerated.

Q. What is the difference between cider and apple juice?

A. Fresh cider is raw apple juice that has not undergone a filtration process to remove coarse particles of pulp or sediment, where apple juice is filtered. It takes about one third of a bushel to make a gallon of cider.

Q. What do you do with the mash that is left over after squeezing the juice out?

A. Return it to the ground for fertilizing.

Gift Box Questions

Q. Are these boxes adequate for shipping?

A. Yes, they are designed to be shipped in the mail.

Q. Does Dixon’s Apple Orchard ship the boxes?

A. No! We package them and label them – you ship them.

Q. How many apples are in each type of box?

A. The full bushel tray packed box has 100 apples in it. The 20-apple flat pack has, you guessed it, 20 apples.

Q. What are the prices of the gift boxes?

A. Please contact us for our pricing.

Q. What is the cost for shipping?

A. You’ll have to check with your local post office. It depends on where you are shipping the box.

Q. What are the weight and dimensions of the gift boxes?

A. The full bushel tray packed box weighs 40 pounds. The 20-apple flat pack box weighs 12 pounds.